Art Explorers

Impressionism : Starry Night
Impressionism : Watercolor Waterlilies
Impressionism : Seurat Pointilism
Cubism : Picasso’s Viola
Modern : Action Jackson Pollock
Modern : Modern Mondrian
Elephants Can Paint Too! : Painting Like Animals
The Strange Case of Origami Yoda : Fortune Teller Puppets
Constructing & Deconstructing Books: Paper Decoration
Constructing & Deconstructing Books : Cover Creation
Constructing & Deconstructing Books: Book Binding

Wayne Arts Center Partnership

A Morning in Paris! Eiffel Tower Construction
Vegetable Prints

Time Travelers

November 11, 1620 : Mayflower Compact
November 18, 1693 : Columbus spots Puerto Rico
October 28, 1886 : Statue of Liberty
November 4, 1922 : King Tut’s Tomb Discovered
November 11, 1926 : Creation of the National Highway System
American Girls
Who Was…?
Inspiring Inventors: Horace Pippin
Inspiring Inventors: George Washington Ferris

Music Lab

Session 1: Play with Sound
Session 2: Making Melody
Session 3: Putting It All Together

Literature & Culture

Heroes of Olympus Party
Factology: Spyology
Factology: Monsterology

Find out more about each program’s format in the About section.


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