S.M.Art Kids is a series of programs offered at the Radnor Library combining traditional literature with hands-on activities in science, math, and the arts. Programs often run in multi-week or monthly sessions and are full of fun and learning.

Night Adventures: July 2012

Coinciding with the Dream, Big, Read! summer reading club theme, Night Adventures explored nocturnal animals, the moon and the planets.

Let’s Read Math: Sep./Oct. 2012

Through a kit purchased from LetsReadMath.com, lesson plans  and supplies like stickers and punch-out figures, helped kids learn about various math concepts through picture books and activities.

Art Explorers: March 2013

Young artists saw artwork slideshows featuring various artists then created their own piece inspired by the featured artist. Artists covered included Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, Jackson Pollock, and more. The final session also featured an art gallery of the previous weeks’ works of art with all participants receiving awards.

Dig Into Science: July 2013

Participants studied rocks, minerals, and touched a real life dinosaur footprint fossil.  We even set off a volcano in the Library!

Time Travelers: November 2013

Time Travelers investigated major events in history through books, original documents and fun activities involving Mad Libs, newspaper towers, M&M’s and toilet paper…not all together though!

Art Explorers: Jan./Feb./Mar. 2014

These monthly offerings paired literature with a coordinating craft project. Painting like animals, decorating origami puppets and fluorescent shaving cream paint were explored.

Math Playground: April/May 2014

Children play at math at the Library! Participants explore books with math themes and then participate in fun activities involving pizza bingo, I Spy and more!

Crazy 8’s Math Club: February 2015

Children discover the mischievous side of math with Toilet Paper Olympics, Glow-in-the-Dark Geometry, and Spy Training, using materials provided by the Bedtime Math Foundation.

Art Explorers: Constructing and Deconstructing Books: April 2015

Artists learned how to create and bind their own book using various paper decorating and sewing techniques, then explored the world of re-purposing and re-crafting old books as new works of art.

Crazy 8’s Mathternoons: Jul./Aug. 2015

Math continues to get crazy with spy training and a life-size Bingo game, using materials provided by the Bedtime Math Foundation.

Fairytale STEM: Sep./Oct./Nov./Dec. 2015

These monthly offerings paired classic fairy tale stories with science, technology, engineering, and math challenges. Fairy tales featured include The Three Little Pigs, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Rapunzel, and The Gingerbread Man.

Time Travelers: Inspiring Inventors: Jan./Feb./Mar./Apr. 2016

Children journey back in time to meet famous inventors and inspiring figures, including Horace Pippin, George Washington Ferris, Amelia Earhart, and Peter Roget. Each month featured a different topic, book and activity.

Music Lab: October 2016

Children explored how music works using technology, science experiments, and silly melodic fun. Each week featured a read-aloud, an interactive music activity, and trying out new apps that explore music theory and composition.


Frobscottle & Fizzy Lifting: A Study of Soda: July 2014
Robots & Robotics: August 2014
Time Travelers: American Girl: October 2014
Time Travelers: Who Was/What Was?: October 2014
Heroes of Olympus: June 2015


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  1. Can you put all of these events up as “Events” under your Facebook page? Also please have some Math and Science related events on Saturdays at 1 pm for working parents. Thanks!!

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