Music Lab: Play with Sound

When the kids first arrived, each child received a Music Note-Book to use each week to write down what they’re learning about music, notes about apps they especially liked, or song-writing

Our first game was a fun icebreaker: Find Your Musical Partner — Each person got a plastic egg with some object inside, and everyone had to find the other person in the room whose egg made exactly the same sound and therefore had the same object inside. Then they could open it up and see what had been making that particular noise! Some were pretty surprising to find: Cotton balls, bottle-caps, and even peppermint candies!

Read-Aloud: The Sound of Silence by Katrina Goldsaito

We discussed how sound travels to our ears, that it moves in waves! We used a long rope and two kid volunteers on each end to demonstrate the motion.

*APPS: Keezy and Musyc (Musyc seemed to be the group favorite!)


We didn’t have a whole lot of time left for this activity, but it was a lot of fun and would be great to try again in another setting, maybe in storytime? I handed out various “musical” materials (sticks, shakers, bells, a drum) and also told the kids they could use their bodies, their voices, or the floor. Then I gave them the question, “If you were a _____, what kind of sound would you make?” (For example: The color blue, the planet Mars, a rainforest, etc.)

*All apps used in this program were free as of October 2016.


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