Music Lab: Making Melody

Read-Aloud: 88 Instruments by Chris Barton (Another option was Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin by Lloyd Moss)

We discussed how individual sounds blend together to make melodies and harmonies in unique combinations. To learn about several different musical genres, we played the game “Vote With Your Feet:” I played snippets of different songs and the kids had to walk to the part of the wall labeled with the genre that they think best describes each song. We had Rock, Classical, Jazz, Dance, and Soul. At each genre, we discussed which instruments they heard and how that type of music made them feel.
(An extension of this activity that would be worth trying next time is to let the kids do interpretive drawing as they listen to different genres of music.)

sdc12783APPS: Drum Pads 24 and the website  (Google has designed 12 awesome games that explore music technology!)



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