Time Travelers: Who Was/What Was?

The second Time Travelers program focused on the super duper popular Who Was…? book series. Like the American Girls program, rather than specific events, we played trivia games highlighting many books in the series.

The program started with introductions and each child listing their favorite biography. Some favorites included Bruce Lee, Babe Ruth and Dr. Seuss. Our first game was based off a timeline game from Hollywood Game Night (a really funny show….that not many people have seen apparently). A teen volunteer helped make large scale cards that showed a book cover/event from the What Was…? series. The kids were split into two teams and had to put the cards in chronological order. One child moved the cards around while his/her teammates shouted directions. This really tested their knowledge of the events and although they needed a little prompting, both teams successfully moved the cards into place.

The next game featured a power point presentation that with each click introduced a clue to a Who Was…? figure. I gave the kids a word bank to help narrow down some of the choices. Our last game also had a large name bank and was the classic charades game. I printed some Who Was..? covers of the more popular/act-able figures (Babe Ruth, Elvis Presely…) and the kids acted them out.  The covers helped give some details if the actor wasn’t entirely sure who the person was.

The final activity (and my favorite part) was creating Who Is…? bookmarks of themselves! I printed some templates with headless bodies (free online coloring pages of Superman, 60s girl, skateboarder, etc) and some blank bookmarks fo the kids to color. Throughout the program, we had taken their pictures and the next day we printed, cut and glued the photos onto the bookmarks. They resemble the recognizable book covers with enlarged heads!! Too cute!!

3 thoughts on “Time Travelers: Who Was/What Was?

  1. I really like this idea! I’d love to hear more about it, as I think it would make a wonderful Summer Reading program (Historic Heroes, that sort of thing). How much time did this take to put together? How many kids showed up? Did they seem to enjoy it?


    • Hi Traci!

      We had 15 kids in the program and they had a blast!…….The activities above were pretty simple to put together once we decided what to do. We’d be happy to send you our power points/Google presentation for some of the games. The bookmarks took maybe an hour to print the photos, cut out their faces, glue them down and then contact paper “laminate” them. Email racsd@delcolibraries.org if you’d like the resources.

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